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Waste Management

We provide essential waste management services to our customers, nimble in adopting effective conventional waste management solutions or highly customisable solutions that meet specific requirements that are unique to our esteemed partners. This includes the provision of collection via Rear End Loaders (REL) and Prime Movers (PM) using fixed stationary equipment, compactor system and various sizes of bulk bins with disposal of waste at approved government Incineration Plants. Our key strength is based on our ability to charge our customers based on the actual amount of refuse generated on site and to provide our customers with accurate reports for management monitoring and sustainability reporting. This is achieved with support from our team of technology experts, who provide the in-house developed platform that powers our Waste Management System that seamlessly captures the necessary information into a comprehensive monthly report for our customers.

We are one of the few service providers in Singapore that adopts our technology to provide this Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) service. The PAYT service allows customers to achieve savings by paying for the amount of waste generated and encourages customers to consciously practice waste minimization with visibility of the amount of waste generated monthly.

Leveraging on technology to provide customized general waste management solutions to cater to our specific needs