Optimizing Waste
  • Management
With Pneumatic Waste Conveyance Systems (PWCS)

Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System

RVAC Pte Ltd is the environmental engineering arm under Re Sustainability Singapore, that specialises in the building of the innovative automatic Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS). This is a smart and automated waste collection system that uses a vacuum system, with a network of pipes, to seamlessly collect household & commercial waste.

This advanced, environmentally friendly solution automates the waste management process and eliminates foul odour thereby creating a cleaner and more pleasant environment for everyone. With more than a decade of track records, our PWCS caters to property developments across new commercial and residential premises in Singapore and we also retrofit existing systems for smooth operations.

Automated Collection Of Waste
Creating Cleaner Environment
Hygienic Disposal of Distinctive Waste 
Design, Engineering, and Build Over 20 projects done
Maintenance Over 20 sites
Certification BCA-ME11/Grade L4, BIZSAFE STAR & ISO450001

Applying PWCS To Ensure Optimal Waste Management & Recovery

Discharge Valve (Stationary)

Conveyance pipes (Stationary)

Vacuum and collection (Bin centre) (Stationary)

Storage Tank (Mobile)

Conveyance pipes (Mobile)

Vacuum and collection (Docking Point) (Mobile)