Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small text file or a piece of data. It is used on our website whenever a user visited the same, it asks your browser to store information on your device in order to remember information about you. It further stores your language preference or log in details. Such cookies are completely set by us and are best known as first-party cookies. On our website, we also have third-party cookies and these cookies belong to some external domains and websites and are not in our control. External site cookies visible on our website are just meant for advertising and marketing purposes and we do not have control over the same. On the other side, our first-party cookies on the website are there for a distinctive set of purposes. 

Necessary Cookies

Targetting cookies are set for a specific purpose by our advertising partners. Such cookies are used by third-party companies to build a particular profile of your interest and showcase your relevant adverts on the website. These cookies are strictly meant for marketing purposes. However, targetting cookies do not store any direct personal information from your side. These are based on uniquely identifying your device, internet, and browser. You have the flexibility not allow these cookies to experience less advertising on the website. 

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable our website to provide you enhanced set of functionality and personalized user experience. These cookies are set by us along with third-party websites whose services are visible on our website. For this also, you have the flexibility to disallow cookies as per your preference. 

Performance Cookies

These cookies perform the function of counting the number of visits and visitors on our website along with the specific traffic sources to measure and improve our website’s performance.These cookies are helpful for us to know which pages have the most visitors and which are the least popular on our website. Performance cookies further enable us to know how many visitors move around the site and too across specific pages. All such information is collected and aggregated by performance cookies.