Minimizing Waste
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Across Public Service Areas

Public Cleansing Services

Re Sustainability Singapore provides integrated public cleaning services coverings a wide range of public areas and townships. By collaborating the efforts of skilled professional cleaners and an array of technically enabled cleaning fleets and equipment, we ensure minimal to no waste footprint across the areas. Our workforce are trained to follow best practices to clean better, faster, and with less environmental impact.

To ensure public cleanliness, we provide our services in distinctive aspects. Our coverage includes the cleaning of public carriageways, pedestrian thoroughfares, and adjacent non-pedestrian areas, among others.

25+ years of experience in public cleansing
100+ fleets Covering of 380 km service area
24/7 operations with 400+ professionals

Offering A Complete Range Of Public Cleansing Services

  • Beach Shore CleaningIn preventing the growing threat to the marine ecosystem, we offer beach cleaning services to maintain sand quality & create a healthy environment.
  • Drain and Waterways CleaningWe maintain complete sewer & drainage systems with our consistent waterways cleaning services to ensure they function effectively.
  • Road and Pavement CleaningWith a laser focus on maintaining public areas, we keep the city streets, road, pavements, & highways clean within the specific

Maintaining Public Spaces Clean & Organized

Cleaning Beach Area Extensively

Technically Advanced Road Cleaning Fleet 

Maintaining Cleanliness Around Public Roads

Collecting Sewage Waste In City Area