Adding Innovation &
  • Technology
In Managing Car Parking Infrastructure

Car Park Management Technologies

We design, develop, install, and maintain turnkey car management solutions for different spaces across Singapore. To secure vehicles, manage building proportions, and operate car parking management systems, we offer the following virtues of technology.
30+ Years of Experience
State-of-the-Art Parking Technology
Commitment to Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Practices

parking  Parking Guidance System (PGS)

  • Provide real-time information to drivers, thereby improving traffic flow within the car park.
  • LED signs placed at a strategic location can help direct the motorist to the available lot efficiently.
  • Maximize parking lot utilization.
  • Ease of locating Parking Lots.
  • The reserve parking lot for as and when required (e.g., VIP parking, handicapped).

license  License Plate Recognition System (LPR)

  • Capture and detect the vehicles from the video with over 99% accuracy.
  • LPR coupled with a deep learning algorithm is integrated into the parking management system for monitoring and control over vehicles entering the car park.
  • Effective control for whitelisting/blacklisting vehicles as required by the users; inbuilt analytic tools like sending an alert to the users upon detecting white or blacklisted vehicles entering the car park.
  • A future-ready solution towards barrierless car park in Singapore.

tailgating  Tailgating Detection System (TDS)

  • Our parking management system features TDS sensors that detect tailgating at car park exits, triggering cameras to record footage and alerting users via a control center.
  • By minimizing tailgating incidents, our system helps reduce potential accidents, and administrative efforts, and maximizes parking revenue.

singpost  Sing-Post Payment Kiosk

  • A 24/7 service electronic payment method, SingPost Payment Kiosk is enabled for the convenience of consumers.
  • The system allows vehicle owners to pay cashless parking charges by using the Kiosk.
  • SingPost mobile apps further help car owners to pay via their devices effortlessly.
  • Toxic WasteSafely disposing of toxic industrial waste harmful to the environment and humans.
  • Liquid WasteManaging acidic chemicals, oils, alkalis, phenols, & residues, among others.
  • Solid WasteHandling & recycling a range of solid wastes that are hazardous to the ecosystem.
  • Metal WasteProcessing all types of wastes from automobiles, electronics, devices, and several industrial units.
  • Fuel & LubricantsManaging the fuel waste coming out of factories and manufacturing facilities.
  • Chemical Waste Handling a barrage of chemical waste that is inflammable, toxic, and, at times, explosive.