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A diverse range of factories, textile mills, mines, and other industrial facilities dispose of a barrage of waste, immensely affecting the environment. Our comprehensive range of industrial services ensures that clients don’t have to worry about the expertise and nuances of waste management.

We ensure environmentally safe waste management by implementing meticulous segregation, eco-friendly logistics, and responsible treatment and disposal. And we treat and dispose of every type of waste material, regardless of its volume or content, while ensuring uncompromised regulatory compliance. Besides, ESG policies and practices guide everything we do at Re Sustainability.

India's Leading Industrial Waste Management Service Provider
1 Million+ Ton of Waste Handled Annually
18+ State of the Art Facilities

Managing the Complete Spectrum of Industrial Waste

We manage the entire lifecycle of industrial wastes, from identification, collection, and disposal, ensuring that nothing is left untreated and unmanaged.

  • Toxic WasteSafely disposing of toxic industrial waste harmful to the environment and humans.
  • Liquid WasteManaging acidic chemicals, oils, alkalis, phenols, & residues, among others.
  • Solid WasteHandling & recycling a range of solid wastes that are hazardous to the ecosystem.
  • Metal WasteProcessing all types of wastes from automobiles, electronics, devices, and several industrial units.
  • Fuel & LubricantsManaging the fuel waste coming out of factories and manufacturing facilities.
  • Chemical Waste Handling a barrage of chemical waste that is inflammable, toxic, and, at times, explosive.

Major Industrial Facilities We Serve

  • Automobile Factories
  • Cement Production Plants
  • Textile Manufacturing Factories
  • Paper Manufacturing Plants
  • Steel Manufacturing Plants
  • Mineral Industry Sites
  • Sugar Production Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Fertilizer Production Plants

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