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Custodian Services

Ensuring air-tight security in commercial spaces is a top priority for every organization. Provide the non-core activities related to seamless electrical operations, keeping devices safe, and other functionalities in shape with help of a professional custodian. We, at Re Sustainability Singapore, provide expert custodian service offerings to manage your enterprise-level non-core tasks.

To support, maintain, and upkeep the organization and the building, we provide custodian services and all the ground support required. Rely on the expertise of custodians and office support professionals to undertake necessary operations-related activities with proficiency. At Re Sustainability Singapore, our technical team of experts can operate and maintain organizational systems to keep well-maintained systems that run and operate efficiently.

24/7 dedicated Task Force team
Experienced technical team in custodian services
Ensuring infrastructure safety with expertise
  • Routine Maintenance:Professional staff members to ensure routine corporate building maintenance tasks like utility repair, repainting, lubrication of hinges, etc.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Prevent unexpected damage to the building with the help of protective staff members and maintain the durability of infrastructure.
  • Corrective Maintenance: Restore the functionalities of the existing infrastructure and prevent any possible damage with end-to-end assistance.
  • Maintenance Technicians:A team of experts will inspect, maintain, and repair the electrical HVAC systems of the building to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Maintenance Supervisors: Oversee the maintenance & functioning of corporate infrastructure by keeping close eyes with the help of professional supervisors.
  • Altercations Support: Meet the requirements of the existing building area by adding the necessary components and increasing the life of infrastructure.

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