Ensuring Safe Operations in
  • Healthcare
With reliable biomedical waste management services.

Swift, Reliable Biomedical Waste ManagementFor Mitigating Environmental Challenges & Risks

With more than 20 operational facilities, we’re one of India’s leading providers of biomedical waste management services. Re Sustainability collects, transports, and disposes of biomedical waste with exceptional promptness and safety measures. We work with over 40,000 healthcare facilities across India, offering an extensive range of hazardous waste management solutions.

We also cater to pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, ensuring the safe disposal of rejected goods and expired products. With speedy collections, safe treatment, and responsible disposal, we strive to deliver world-class services. Through our comprehensive services, we contribute to ensuring better environmental health.

#1 Choice In India for Managing Biomedical Waste
24+ Operational Facilities Nationwide
3 Decades of operational experience

Delivering Utmost Safety & Sustainabilityin Biomedical Waste Management

We manage biomedical waste with utmost safety, catering to healthcare institutions, laboratories, and biotech firms, among others.
Our expert team ensures strict adherence to regulatory compliance & best practices.

  • Authorized Entities Registration of respective medical institutions and
    licensed healthcare entities.
  • Expert Team We rely on a team of certified experts and keep upskilling
    with world-class training
  • End-to-End HandlingSeamless logistics & requisition for the safe
    collection, transfer, treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Smart Fleet System Fully GPS and IoT technology-enabled fuel-driven &
    electric vehicles collect waste from distinctive medical centers.
  • Safe UnloadingTechnology-driven, automated bulk unloading of biomedical
    waste at across treatment facilities.
  • Waste Categorization Efficient and risk-free segregating waste based on
    the type of hazardous waste.

Safely Treating Biomedical Waste of All Kinds

From identification and collection to tagging, transportation, categorization, and treatment - we do everything with utmost safety.

  • Pathological wasteCollecting, transporting, treating, and disposing of pathological waste including human fluids, tissues, body parts, etc.
  • Non-hazardous waste Taking care of the non-hazardous type of medical waste that does not have any physical, radioactive, or biological effect.
  • Radioactive waste End-to-end management of unused radiotherapy liquids and fluids that also comprise glassware and other contaminated objects.
  • Pharmaceutical waste Management of used, unused, rejected, expired, or contaminated vaccines, drugs, injectables, etc. for safe disposal.
  • Sharps Managing sharp infected or non-infected objects such as needles, lancets, scalpels, broken glass, razors, and wires.
  • Chemical waste Collection and treatment of disinfecting agents and solvents used at laboratories, batteries, heavy metals, and other field equipment.
  • Infectious wasteBiomedical waste that can infect human lives and the environment, including wastes like swabs, tissues, lab cultures, equipment, etc.
  • Genotoxic medical wasteHazardous type of biomedical waste that we manage includes teratogenic, carcinogenic, and mutagenic drugs.

Major Healthcare Facilities We Serve

  • Hospitals
  • Primary Health Centers
  • Production Units
  • Medical Colleges
  • Medical Research Institutions
  • Veterinary Research Centers
  • Blood Banks
  • Biotechnology Institutes
  • Surgical Centers

Biomedical Waste Management Service Impact

49,035 MT

Biomedical Waste
Managed Annually






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